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Polyglot Software Development_ my PhD thesis

Polyglot Software Development: My PhD Thesis

Yesterday I defended my PhD Thesis, with the title Polyglot Software Development. If you want to take a look you can download it here: thesis Summary The languages we choose to design solutions influence the way we think about the problem, the words we use in discussing it with colleagues, the processes we adopt in […]

Megamodels, projectional editors and Inference in programming

Megamodels, projectional editors and Inference in programming

It is already some years that I am thinking about possible evolution of programming that give away text as a form to store the programs or at least try to put more and more distance between the way the code is stored and the way the code is edited and explored. That extra mile can […]

Paper accepted at MiSE@ICSE 2013: A model-based approach to language integration

Paper accepted at [email protected] 2013: A model-based approach to language integration

We got recently a paper accepted at the workshop on modeling in software engineering. The paper was written with Antonio Vetrò, Marco Torchiano, Markus Völter and Bernd Kolb. Applications nowadays are written using more than one language: typically some sort of general purpose language and a constellation of complementary languages (SQL, HTML, XML, Scripting languages, DSLs). Between artefacts […]

Using a language workbench for language integration

  Nowadays each project is realised using a plethora of languages. Think about some classical scenarios: A web application: Css, Javascript, Html and a general purpose language for server side elaborations (for example Java) A Java framework using XML for configuration SQL snippets embedded in a general purpose language In this scenarios different languages have to interact. The problem […]

How the languages we use affect the way we think

How the languages we use affect the way we think

The first to consider this hypothesis were Sapir and Whorf, with their work on linguist relativity. They started examine different languages of the natives of America and look into the differences between them. For example, they found out that some languages did not have an explicit notion of time: there were no future tenses or words to […]

The C to mbeddr-C importer_ a first look

The C to mbeddr-C importer: a first look

Currently I am in Munich, working at Fortiss, an institute of the Technische Universität München. I am here to work on mbeddr, which is a super-cool project. mbeddr supports embedded software development based on an extensible version of C language and IDE. Existing extensions include interfaces with pre- and postconditions, components, state machines and physical units, […]

Screencast - How to show the content of a file in Jetbrains MPS

Screencast – How to show the content of a file in Jetbrains MPS

A few days ago I recorded a short screencast to show how it is possible to visualize a file inside Jetbrains MPS.

DSLs in Action

DSLs in Action

I just received the final version of DSLs in Action, a book I reviewed for Manning. The author included in this version an example regarding Xtext, probably I was not the only one to suggest it. Now I am writing a short review to post on Amazon. In my opinion the part on internal DSLs […]

The code as a source for models

The Code as a Source for Models

I am taking a rest after some hours of work. I used the javassist library to extract information from the code of a layer in an enterprise application and use it to build a model to generate the successive layer. I wish I could extract some of the information using generics but the infamous “Java […]

Jan Köhnlein's blog

Jan Köhnlein’s blog

I am spending some time perusing the Jan Köhnlein’s blog, a guy working at itemis and involved in the development of openArchitectureWare: http://koehnlein.blogspot.com/

Course: Using ANTLR Like A Professional

ANTLR Course Image

A complete video course on parsing and ANTLR, that will teach you how to build parser for everything from programming languages to data formats.
Taught from professionals that build parsers for a living.

Strumenta – Consulting

If you need help designing and developing DSLs, languages, parsers, compilers, interpreters, and editors you can check the services page of the Consulting studio we founded: Strumenta. Strumenta Logo

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