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How to Convert a PDF to Excel

How to Convert a PDF to Excel

In this article we are going to see how to extract tables trapped into PDF files and put them in Excel files. This way you can easily work with the data: you can process it, analyze it, and use it to take decisions. We are going to see that you do not need developers for […]

So Much Data, So Many Formats

So Much Data, So Many Formats: a Conversion Service

Data is a core resource for many activities. One important challenge for handling data is storing the data in the right way. We need to choose a format that makes easy solving the problem at hand. When multiple problems are being solved using the same data, that could mean that the same data has to […]

You Cannot Do Everything with Excel

Are You Abusing Excel? You Need Something Different

Excel is a great software but… for some tasks is just not the right tool. In this article we share a story of how Excel ended up costing billions of dollars because of a simple error. Luckily there is none in your spreadsheets :) We all know how this happens: you start creating a short list […]

LangDev 2018: a meeting for Language Engineering enthusiasts

LangDev 2018: a meeting for Language Engineering enthusiasts

I had the great opportunity to attend the first LangDev Meetup. It was organized by Markus Völter and Tijs van der Storm and it was hosted at CWI, in Amsterdam. Why was it great? Because there you could meet a lot of different people working in the Language Engineering space from different angles. There were […]

Guide to Natural Language Processing

Analyze and Understand Text: Guide to Natural Language Processing

What Can You Do With Natural Language Processing? Natural Language Processing (NLP) comprises a set of techniques to work with documents written in a natural language to achieve many different objectives. They range from simple ones that any developer can implement, to extremely complex ones that require a lot of expertise. The following table illustrate […]