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The First Year of Strumenta

I co-founded Strumenta on the 4th of December 2017. Before that I have been working as an independent consultant specialized in Language Engineering for a few years. So it is natural to stop and look at the way we ran across this year and where we want to go next year and the years to […]

Three Rules that Helped Me Becoming a Better Professional

Three Rules that Helped Me Becoming a Better Professional

Normally in this blog I write about technical stuff: mostly tutorials and ideas on software design. Sometimes however I share what is going on with my professional life: I wrote about what I learned working at TripAdvisor, and about my first year as an independent consultant, before I co-founded Strumenta. Over the years I had […]

You Cannot Do Everything with Excel

Are You Abusing Excel? You Need Something Different

Excel is a great software but… for some tasks is just not the right tool. In this article we share a story of how Excel ended up costing billions of dollars because of a simple error. Luckily there is none in your spreadsheets :) We all know how this happens: you start creating a short list […]

Why to offer a roadmapping service for Language Engineering_

Why to Offer a Roadmapping Service for Language Engineering?

There are consolidated habits that have a negative effect when doing consulting. Lately I have been thinking about how things work during the initial contacts between a client and a consultant: the initial discussion that happens between them, before a contract is signed. Typically the consultant does two things: On one hand he tends to enfatically […]

Interview with Erik Dietrich on Static Analysis and a data driven approach to refactoring

Erik Dietrich is a well known Software Architect with a long experience in consulting. His blog (DaedTech) is a source of thoughtful insights on software development. In particular I was very interested by his usage of static analysis and code metrics in his consulting work. I am myself a relatively young consultant and I thought […]

5 things I have learnt working as a Consultant Software Architect

  I have been working as a Software Engineer for several years, however I have been a full time consultant only for the last one year and a half. I have a background of different experiences: working for small and big companies, in different countries, getting a PhD. The previous things I have done have […]

How to recognize dates in PDFs

How an engineer is supposed to survive accounting One of the “pleasures” of having your own business is dealing with accounting. Now, to survive I tried a few things like: generating invoices for my clients processing bank statements One boring thing to do is to organizing receipts and invoices I had to pay: travel expenses, […]

My first year as a consultant in France

My first year as a consultant in France

I think many of us are attracted by the idea to start their own business. This was something I was dreaming about for a while until the context made it possible. One year later this is how things are going. I also wrote about my progress when I was half of the way through my […]

What is your role? How do you deliver value?

What is your role? How do you deliver value?

Recently I have been thinking about the way I can deliver value in the projects I take part into. A few weeks ago I have been interviewed by Dave Rael for the Developer on Fire podcast. You can listen to the interview here. Dave asked me: What do you do to deliver value? This is not […]

A template system for Google Docs: Google Drive automation and PDF generation with Google Execution API

  My consulting business is getting more steam and I am starting to be annoyed by the administrative steps. Basically when I need to prepare a new invoice I have to: copy I template I have in my Google drive fill the data download a PDF archive the PDF on Dropbox send the PDF to […]