Federico Tomassetti

Consultant Software Engineer

I build tools and languages to empower people

On the need of a generic library around ANTLR: using reflection to build a metamodel

By Federico Tomassetti | May 25, 2016

I am a Language Engineer: I use several tools to define and process languages. Among other tools I use ANTLR: it is simple, it is flexible, I can build things around it. However I find myself rebuilding similar tools around ANTLR for different projects. I see two problems with that:…

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Getting started with the Whole Platform: building grammars

By Federico Tomassetti | May 18, 2016

I played for the first time with the Whole Platform a few years ago. It was one of the first Language Workbenches on which I put my eyes and I found it very fascinating. Then I was dragged into other things: whoever went through a PhD knows what I mean.…

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ANTLR and the web: a simple example

By Federico Tomassetti | May 11, 2016

ANTLR on the web: why? I started writing my first programs on MS-DOS. So I am very used to have my tools installed on my machine. However in 2016 the web is ubiquitous and so our languages could be needed also there. Possible scenarios: ANTLR also on the web: users…

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ANTLR and Jetbrains MPS: Parsing files and display the AST using the tree notation

By Federico Tomassetti | May 5, 2016

Itemis did it again: they just released a new very cool plugin for Jetbrains MPS. This one permits to define new tree editors. They look like this: In this post we are going to see: how to use ANTLR parsers inside MPS how to represent the parsed AST using the tree…

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What I do


R&D Projects

Do you have some project in mind and no idea how to realize it?

I love to face challenges and on my side I have a strong academical background and experience among several fields, collected working in 4 countries.

Because of this I have a wide toolbox I can use to solve your problem.


Language development (DSLs)

Among all the possible tools I love languages in particular, because they are tools for the mind. The right languages can make much easier to reason about problems.

I build languages and supporting tools using tools like Jetbrains MPS, Xtext and ANTLR.

Textual and graphical languages, code generators, interpreters, simulator: all you need for you Domain Specific Languages.

I am Federico, I have been writing software since I was 8.
I love it.

I am Italian, but I lived in Germany and Ireland before moving to France.


Some stuff I did


PhD in Software Engineering

I firmly believe in learning by doing. However good education does not hurt, so I attended the best technical university in Italy (Politecnico di Torino) and I spent 2 semesters in the best German one (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and one as a visiting researcher in Munich (at Fortiss)


Work for well known companies

I worked full-time for a few companies, including TripAdvisor and Groupon. There I met incredible people but most importantly I have learnt to work at a fast pace while keeping the higher standards.



I participate in several open-source projects as maintainer, committer or simple contributor. On my GitHub profile you can find more than 100 repositories written in all sort of languages: JRuby, Haskell, Python, Java, C#.

Let's talk

I know, finding technical help is not the easiest thing.

Hopefully I can be the right person to design and implement your projects.

If not I will try my best to give you the right directions and help you find who can help you.


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