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Mocking in Java: Why, Why Not and Also Those Awful Private Static Methods

  Unit tests: there are people out there surviving without, but in many cases you want to have this life insurance. Something to protect you from slipping an error, something to accompany your software also when you will have long forgotten it and someone else will have to figure out how to maintain that legacy […]

How to contribute to Libav (VLC): just got my first patch approved

How to Contribute to Libav (VLC)

I happened to have a few hours free and I was looking for some coding to do. I thought about VLC, the media player which I have enjoyed so much using over the years and I decided that I wanted to contribute in some way. To start helping in such a complex process there are […]

Portability: stories of what can go wrong when run your code on another machine

Things that Can Go Wrong when Running Code on Another Machine

In the last year I faced many surprises when running some well tested code on my dev-servers or my laptops. It is curious (and scaring) how code that has been widely used in production (sometimes for years) can still hide portability issues so that the first time you try that piece of software in slightly different conditions […]

Resurrect a C++ codebase and create a proper open-source project out of it

How to Resurrect a C++ Codebase and Make it Open-source

Our interests often are the sparkle to start a pet project. For example, I am interested in world generators and because of that I created Lands: an application which simulate different physical phenomena and produce as outputs different maps (for elevation, rivers, biomes, etc.). After many experiments I finally understood that a critical component of […]

My last day at TripAdvisor

What I Learned Working at TripAdvisor

Today is my last day at TripAdvisor, where I have been part of the personalization team. I have joined this office a few months after it was started. When I arrived there were less than ten engineers and I was the second of my team, with the first being sent over from the USA. We were […]

Getting started with Frege: Hello World and basic setup using Maven

Getting started with Frege

I spent a couple of hours playing with Frege (Haskell on the JVM) and not much documentation tutorials seems available. I am trying to help writing this simple Hello World tutorial. The code is available on Github: https://github.com/ftomassetti/frege-tutorial/tree/01_HelloWorld Update: Frege has some very useful documentation at http://www.frege-lang.org/doc/… where … represents the package, or module, name. […]

Exploring frege Haskell for the JVM

Exploring frege: Haskell for the JVM

Recently I played a lot with Clojure while building a civilizations simulator named civs. I really love building applications at the REPL and my Clojure code is much clearer and easier to read than the Java code I could have written for it but… when you need to refactor significantly your code it is going […]

Machine Learning: a nice introduction with TripAdvisor examples

Machine Learning: a nice introduction with TripAdvisor examples

This afternoon I attended a seminar from Prof. Padraig Cunningham. The seminar was organized by Gilt (thanks!). The seminar was about Machine Learning. First we discussed about linear and logistic regressions, while at the end we focused on recommenders. I really like the part about Weka: it is a nice tool to play with data […]

Parsing Java Comments

  Recently I have done some work on JavaParser, focusing on parsing comments and attributing them to the element being commented. I like working on manipulating source code. I like this problem also because it does not have obvious solutions, but it can be solved only relaying on heuristics and conventions. Some notes on comments […]

My first month working at TripAdvisor

My first month working at TripAdvisor

So, I just finished my first month at TripAdvisor. It has been quite an intense period and it involved spending a couple of weeks at the headquarters in Newton (MA, USA). Working at TripAdvisor is both completely different and very similar to what I used to do. It is similar because I am still playing […]

Course: Using ANTLR Like A Professional

ANTLR Course Image

A complete video course on parsing and ANTLR, that will teach you how to build parser for everything from programming languages to data formats.
Taught from professionals that build parsers for a living.

Strumenta – Consulting

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