DSLs in Action

DSLs in Action

I just received the final version of DSLs in Action, a book I reviewed for Manning.

The author included in this version an example regarding Xtext, probably I was not the only one to suggest it.

Now I am writing a short review to post on Amazon.

In my opinion the part on internal DSLs is great: it is very pragmatical and there example using a lot of languages. I have to suggest taking a look at this book.

And they even pick a sentence of mine to put on the cover, wow, I am happy about that :D


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Do You Need a Domain Specific Language (DSL)?

We can design and implement languages tailored to support your processes. We build also all the necessary infrastructure: editors, code generators, compilers, simulators. Our goal is to deliver complete solutions.

We can use different technologies like Jetbrains MPS, Xtext, and ANTLR for custom solutions.

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