Interview with Vera Maruga on automated language migrations

Why this interview? What are the biggest reasons why someone should want to perform a migration? We will find out in this interview with Vera Maruga, the business development manager at Ispirer. She will tell us a bit more about migration from the business side and she will explain us the benefits you can get from […]

Migrating from ANTLR2 to ANTLR4

ANTLR is a popular parser generator or “compiler-compiler”, developed by prof. Terence Parr and several contributors. It’s been around since 1992, as an evolution of PCCTS. It’s gone through multiple major versions. The latest incarnation of ANTLR is version branch 4.x, the first release of which is from 2013. Here at Strumenta, we use ANTLR4 […]

Why you should not use (f)lex, yacc and bison

In the field of parsing Lex and Yacc, as well as their respective successors flex and GNU Bison, have a sort of venerable status. And you could still use them today. But you should not do that. In this article will explain why they have problems and show you some alternatives. Lex and Yacc were […]

Application modernization: an interview with Ben Wilson

Why this interview? Companies invest a lot of money in custom software. Not only it costs significant amounts to build such software but it costs even more to maintain it and evolve it during the years. Successful software stay with the company across the decades and soon enough the technical platform used for the original […]