How and Why to Analyze, Generate and Transform Java Code Using Spoon

How and Why to Analyze, Generate and Transform Java Code Using Spoon

Spoon is a tool to analyze, generate, and transform Java code. In this article we will see what can be achieved by using techniques for processing code programmatically. I think these techniques are not very well-known or utilized and this is a pity because they can be incredibly useful. Who knows, some ideas could be […]

Walkmod: automatically refactor code to apply code conventions

Walkmod: Automatically Refactor Code to Apply Code Conventions

I am very interested in tools which support the software development process, making automatic the boring bits. One system which permits to go in that direction is Walkmod: a smart tool which can refactor Java projects and enforce code conventions. It is a quite powerful tool and it should ges more and more attention. TL; DR: Tools […]

Resurrect a C++ codebase and create a proper open-source project out of it

How to Resurrect a C++ Codebase and Make it Open-source

Our interests often are the sparkle to start a pet project. For example, I am interested in world generators and because of that I created Lands: an application which simulate different physical phenomena and produce as outputs different maps (for elevation, rivers, biomes, etc.). After many experiments I finally understood that a critical component of […]