A tutorial on using Sql2o with Spark and other updates

A few weeks ago I wrote a tutorial on getting started with Spark (the Java web framework). A few readers appreciated it and it was linked by the Jetbrains blog, republished by DZone and republished by the new Spark tutorials blog.

After that me and David Åse chatted a bit and we decided to work together on a few tutorials to publish on the Spark tutorials blog. So today we publish the first of hopefully a long list: Spark and Databases: Configuring Spark to work with Sql2o in a testable way.

Content of The Tutorial on Sql2o + Spark

  • see when to use an ORM and when not
  • how to organize the code that access the database and integrate it with the controllers
  • how to use Sql2o
  • we put everything together and improve the BlogService we have started in the first post on Spark.

At the end we will have something like this:


Plans for The Future

David is a great guy that among the other things rewrote the Spark website (does look cool, eh?). I asked him how he was involved in Spark and we are working on a short interview, similar to the one I had with Luca Barbato: I think it always inspiring to learn how people started giving back to the open-source community.

Reviewing, Reviewing, Reviewing

In the rest of the week I have been fairly busy doing a technical reviews for two books from the Pragmatic Bookshelf (did I tell already that I love their books?). It required a fair amount of effort but I learned a few things on topics I would not have time to spend time on normally, so I am fairly happy.

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