A Guide To Parsing: Algorithms And Terminology

A Guide to Parsing: Algorithms and Terminology

We have already introduced a few parsing terms, while listing the major tools and libraries used for parsing in Java, C#, Python and JavaScript. In this article we make a more in-depth presentation of the concepts and algorithms used in parsing, so that you can get a better understanding of this fascinating world. We have […]

The OOP(S) Concepts You Need To Know

OOP(S) Concepts: All You Need To Know

Object Oriented Programming (OOPS or OOPS for Object Oriented Programming System) is the most widely used programming paradigm today. While most of the popular programming languages are multi-paradigm, the support to object-oriented programming is fundamental for large projects. Of course OOP has its share of critics. Nowadays functional programming seems the new trendy approach. Still, […]

The difference between a compiler and an interpreter

The Difference Between a Compiler and an Interpreter

According to their definitions, the difference between a compiler and an interpreter seems clear enough: interpreter is a program that directly executes instructions written in a programming language compiler is a program that transforms source code in a low(er)-level language If you dig deeper, though, you find some blurring between the two. In fact an […]