Not sure how to move forward?

You are looking for the best way to spend your energies, your time and the resources of your team. 

You have read all those stories about Language Engineering providing benefits to other companies but is it the right solution for you? What you can get out of it?  How would this help to reach your goals?

Get the information

The Roadmap Analysis is about investing one hour of your time and work with me to identify the main goals you have and what are the best ways to achieve them.

Is about stopping one moment to be too busy and doing a “strategy check-up”. Talk to someone (me) and consider your possibilities.

You pick the time, show up with your questions and get your answers back in a report, listing the options you have, the benefits you can expect and the exact cost.

Once you have the numbers you will be in the position to make decisions about your business.

Here’s How It Works

Our roadmapping session will take place over Skype. Calls typically take 60-90 minutes.

Before the call:

  • you fill the application and share all resources you want me to look into before our call
  • you pick a time suitable for you using my calendar link that I will share with you by email
  • you pay using paypal or stripe

During the call:

  • we start discussing the key goals of your business
  • we look into how different options could help you reach your goals

After the call:

  • within 7 days you will receive a report detailing the different options you have

Areas of expertise

My main focus is Language Engineering. I build languages and all sort of tools to process languages.

In particular I have experience designining and deploying languages, designing and building parsers, editors, interpreters, compilers, simulators, code transformation tools and static analysis tools.

While most of the projects I have worked on are covered by NDAs you can verify the open source projects I have contributed too or the hundreds of articles I wrote, available on my blog and on other sites.

Getting started

The Roadmap Analysis is priced 500 Euro.

It is guaranteed

If at the end of our call you do not feel you have a better understanding of your options or for any reason you do not feel you have gotten enough value, then let me know and I’ll refund your payment in full.