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Book: How to create pragmatic, lightweight languages

How to Create Pragmatic, Lightweight Languages

This book explains how to build languages. The goal here is to end up with something that will be of use in practice. A real language, with an efficient parser and a complete compiler. A language with its own editor. This is not about building toys.

The approach described is based on reusing open-source components, and to organize and combine them to get something real with a limited amount of effort. Do you think it is not possible to build a parser, an interpreter, an editor and a simulator in less than 1.000 lines of code? Think again.

When I was learning how to build languages I was disappointed: I just found some basic tutorials here and there but what was missing was a complete course, organized to lead me from the very beginning to the end. Also, all approaches seemed so theoretical: a lot of words and not enough code.

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