I have founded a consulting studio specialized on Language Engineering. It is named Strumenta. If you are interested in working with us, visit the Services page or write at fe[email protected]

Version Control

I handle code and other artifacts professionally.

If your company does not have a code repository setup I will provide a git repository and make it available to you for three months after we finish working together.

Build scripts

All the code I produce comes with build scripts to handle dependency and generate IDE settings, compile, launch tests. In this way you can easily use the code on your systems.

Automated Testing

Automated Testing is a best practice you cannot live without. I will write an appropriate number of unit tests. When necessary I will also build functional tests, integration tests and other types of tests, depending on the characteristics of the project.

Continuous Integration

For medium to large projects I think that Continuous Integration is very important. I will help setting up a build server for you, to verify that the code is always ready to be shipped and used.

Progress tracking

I think it is extremely important to communicate properly.

For all projects lasting more than two weeks I suggest using an issue tracker. If you do not have one I will setup and provide access to a Jira or Redmine project.

When not using an issue tracker I send a daily e-mail describing:

  1. What has been done
  2. What I plan to do that next day
  3. Possible issues faced

Collaborating remotely

Why I think it is good for you:

  • Encourage focusing on results
  • Less costs
  • I am open to travel to visit clients in Europe: do you need me to spend a couple of weeks in Berlin? We can talk about that. I am not interested in relocating right now.

How to work better together

  • I think it is important to have a clear understanding of the goals of the project: I can help you analyzing your problems and work with you on a plan.
  • I commit myself to act as a professional. I require the same from my clients. I do not work with clients who do not pay on time or respect contracts we signed.

Want to know more?

I know, finding technical help is not the easiest thing.
Hopefully I can be the right person to design and implement your projects.

If not I will try my best to give you the right directions and help you find who can help you.