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Attending the Language Workbench Challenge & SLE at SPLASH 2016

Attending the Language Workbench Challenge & SLE at SPLASH 2016

I have attended an academic conference for the first time after leaving the Academia. It was also the first time that I paid for myself (or more precisely: my own business paid for me :D) and it was definitely worthy. During the time at was pursuing my PhD I attended a few conferences but this […]

Polyglot Software Development_ my PhD thesis

Polyglot Software Development: My PhD Thesis

Yesterday I defended my PhD Thesis, with the title Polyglot Software Development. If you want to take a look you can download it here: thesis Summary The languages we choose to design solutions influence the way we think about the problem, the words we use in discussing it with colleagues, the processes we adopt in […]

Paper accepted at MiSE@ICSE 2013: A model-based approach to language integration

Paper accepted at [email protected] 2013: A model-based approach to language integration

We got recently a paper accepted at the workshop on modeling in software engineering. The paper was written with Antonio Vetrò, Marco Torchiano, Markus Völter and Bernd Kolb. Applications nowadays are written using more than one language: typically some sort of general purpose language and a constellation of complementary languages (SQL, HTML, XML, Scripting languages, DSLs). Between artefacts […]

Using a language workbench for language integration

  Nowadays each project is realised using a plethora of languages. Think about some classical scenarios: A web application: Css, Javascript, Html and a general purpose language for server side elaborations (for example Java) A Java framework using XML for configuration SQL snippets embedded in a general purpose language In this scenarios different languages have to interact. The problem […]